With no queues, a personalised service, outstanding amenities and professional cabin crew - you’ll never want to book commercial again. To help you get started in your first “VIP Flight”, we’ve prepared a quick guide, “How to Fly VIP?” - so you know when and where to go on your departure date.

VIP Travel Guide

Arriving at the VIP Terminal

There’s no need to arrive 3 hours before your flight at a private terminal. A private terminal is a separate departure and arrival facility located away from the commercial terminals. There’s no rush or long wait at the boarding gate for your plane, with Landmark Holidays, you can arrive 45 minutes before your take-off for check-in.
Check-in and Departure

Our representatives will greet on your arrival at the VIP terminal. While you relax and enjoy complimentary food and beverage in the lounge, they will process your travel documents and screen your luggage.

Your private jet will be waiting close-by just outside the terminal for you to board. Our pre-flight staff will escort you and help you to get on board.
In-flight Experience

With luxury leather seats that have a generous recline, and delicious gourmet food served on fine china, and premium in-flight entertainment, you’ll experience true VIP treatment.

When you arrive at your destination, you’ll disembark the aircraft at a private terminal, where you will wait in an executive lounge for your baggage to be bought to you. We offer luxury chauffeur-driven cars that can take you to your hotel or destination.