We have chosen a selection of 5-star and boutique hotels in London, Paris, Istanbul, and Dubai to ensure that our guests have a true VIP experience on their vacation.

VIP Vacations

Hotel Partners

By selecting a small group of niche hotels in our major destinations, we have made it easier for our guests to choose the ideal hotel for their visit. The hotels that we have chosen are exclusively 5-star so that guests can expect the best from their stay.

What Makes A Hotel 5 Star?

For a hotel to qualify as 5-star, the visitor must feel impressed when they enter the lobby. They must have highly rated spas with professionally trained therapists, a state of-the-art-gym, swimming pools, and gourmet restaurants. The rooms must have top-of-the-line beds and bedding, impeccable cleanliness and an inviting lounge area with the latest video and audio technology.

VIP Services

Our guests can avail of a number of special VIP services including our chauffeur pick-up and drop-off services at the airport, and the guest amenities on offer at the luxury hotels.